MA! Stream


Being on air – live – sharing content with users, receiving real-time feedback.

Imagine that you can stream in 360º. Yes, it is incredible and real! Or imagine that you can make your own programme with multicameras and animated banners on your original format. There are no limits!

MA! Stream brings you live events on different platforms and devices. Direct launch to your server, live signal on YouTube, Facebook…. An endless amount of possibilities in which we advise you to improve reaching your audience.

The technical part is up to us and the creative part too!


Smartphones, tablets, computers… almost any device can launch a video signal today.

Imagine merging all the technical possibilities and adapting the data consumption for each user.

Being able to connect to any point on the planet in a matter of seconds.

Live video already consumes one third of the data from a mobile phone connection.

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