The Plot Point

In a country that is strange to them, Jones and Ana face loneliness. Isolated by sadness and the weight of their past, they will find a way out of the cage they built themselves.


  • Director: Elbio A. Nielsen
  • Script: Elbio A. Nielsen / Jose M. Vilalta
  • Editing: Jose M. Vilalta
  • Sound: Eduardo Zaillo
  • Music: Joseba Beristain
  • Photography: Ernesto J. Báez
  • Performers: Marvin Jay Austin, Daniela Buffa, Elbio A. Nielsen, Mikel Enziondo, Josu Angulo Anthonisen
  • Production: Elbio A. Nielsen, Jose M. Vilalta, Ernesto J. Báez, Joseba Beristain, Eduardo Zaillo
  • Length: 103 minutes

Hunted by the Snake (Atrapados por la serpiente)

“Hunted by the Snake” is a documentary story about the nostalgic imagination, the creative drive and the band Cancer Moon.


  • Director: Álvaro Fierro & Ibon Ibarlucea
  • Script: Álvaro Fierro & Ibon Ibarlucea
  • Script Assistant: Unai Garate
  • Montaje: Llùcia Pla
  • Production: Diego Urruchi
  • Length: 65 minutes

160 metres

160 metres is a transmedia project based on rock music as a common thread.

It narrates the urban transformation that took place in the 90s on both sides of the Bilbao estuary from the point of view of rock. A musical and cultural journey, a combination of revival and current events, of archive material and on the life of its protagonists.

Documentary series of 5 chapters, documentary feature films for TV and cinema, extended contents (complete interviews, restored archive material, audios, photos, press clippings, etc.) and events specially designed for the project (parties, concerts, talks, debate…).

Visit the official 160 Metre website.


  • Script and Direction: Álvaro Fierro / Joseba Gorordo
  • Editing: Diego Urruchi
  • Cast: Álvaro Heras, Ángel Silveiro, Fernando Gegúndez, Garikoitz Gamarra, Gotzon Hermosilla, Iñigo Romera, Javi Letamendía, Jerry Corral, Lino Prieto, Ricardo Andrade, Roberto Moso, etc.
  • Production: Diego Urruchi / Raúl López Ortega
  • Web design: Kitxune
  • Lenght: 66 minutos

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