About us

More than just films

Media attack is a production company + advertising, cinema and audiovisual experiences agency.

We change marketing to “normaling”.

We like to be challenged, because the real engine of Media Attack lies on the challenge.

We are passionate about ideas and we give them a lot of thought when we do responsive online advertising campaigns, digital signage and OFFline television.

We are defined by three very specific indicators. In the SOCIAL area we are very active in generating audiovisual community and transversality, being generous helps us to become even more passionate. The VALUE we generate in new businesses is always linked to trends and new technologies. Finally, we are connected to KNOWLEDGE because we create training channels with new methodologies that unite University and company.


We create innovation projects by hybridizing processes of the Industry 4.0
We are members of the EIKEN Basque Audiovisual & Digital Content Cluster and DEVELOP Hub. Moreover, we collaborate closely with universities, technology centres and strategic partners.
We are a Fire Up that ignites new ways of doing things.


Nos encanta el talento y apostamos todo en ello. Nuestro programa abierto Media Attack Experiments año a año produce íntegramente y asesora a talentos emergentes en la creación de piezas con multitud de formatos diversos.

Haciendo del laboratorio de idea una cantera activa y visible dentro de la industria audiovisual.

No dudes en contactar con nosotros, somos abiertos

Media Attack – Agencia + productora publicidad